Park Re-opening


The City of SeaTac Parks Department will be re-opening Grandview Offleash Park on
Tuesday May 5th!   

Please FOLLOW THE RULES below.  
If we don’t follow these rules the park may get shut down again:

1.  Keep at least a SIX FOOT DISTANCE from other park users

2.  DO NOT gather in groups

3.  If you touch a poop bag keep it.  DO NOT put it back

4.  DO NOT pet other peoples dogs

5.  DO NOT stand/gather near north gate (stay back as far as the bulletin board so others can enter and exit by going up/down the stairs

6.  Carry hand sanitizer and use it often

7.  Wearing a mask is highly recommended

8. The water fountains will not be on so bring your own.

Please spread the word about these safety requirements to others who may not receive these email notifications.

Thank you and stay safe!

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Park Closed – COVID-19 Order


Effective Friday 3/27/20, the City of SeaTac has closed all parks as part of WA State Governor’s
‘stay healthy, stay home’ order.
Park entrance gates will be
locked until the City determines
it is safe to re-open.

Please respect this decision to keep our communities safe and
reduce the spread of virus. 
These orders are in place to protect park users.
Do not contact the city regarding this, as they are inundated with inquiries and busy maintaining essential operations.

Thank you and stay well!

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Upcoming Photo Fundraisers

Fundraising events, bring your pup for photos!

Halloween-theme photo shoot – Saturday October 5th

Christmas Holiday photo shoot – Sunday November 24th

11am-3pm for both events.

$5 donations, photos to be emailed following event.

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Summer Safety at Grandview



Fireworks are prohibited at Grandview Dog Park (and in the City of Seatac).
Please call 911 if you witness anyone lighting off fireworks in the park.
If you are in the park on July 5th and notice trash from illegal activities in the park, please help by cleaning up!

With the weather turning warmer and low rain, the Dog Park is getting dried out.
Smoking is a fire risk and is prohibited in all SeaTac parks. Please call 911 if you see any fires at Grandview.  Please “wet down” any smoldering areas with water (plastic poop bags filled with water work great). YOU can help prevent Dog Park fires!

Foxtail can cause harm to dogs.  If you see it, pull it and dispose of in trash.  DO NOT throw it on ground as it will spread seeds (see previous post for details and pictures of Foxtail).  Be sure to carefully check your dog after each visit to the Dog Park and remove any Foxtails that may have gathered in his/her furry coat, ears, eyes, or paws.  Remember that these seeds can work their way down to and even penetrate, your dog’s skin potentially causing health risks. A “Foxtail check” after your Dog Park visit is highly recommended!

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Holiday Photos 12/1/18

Holiday Photos!

Saturday, December 1st
10:00am – 2:00pm
Grandview Dog Park

Bring your pups to Grandview for Holiday photos!

Digital photos for $5 Donations – emailed directly to you.
Add to your holidays cards, newsletters, and gifts!

We will also be selling t-shirts, magnets and other stocking stuffers!

Photos will be emailed within a few weeks of event;
Please be patient as our volunteer photographer processes them all!

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Upcoming Fall Events!

Fencing Work Party
Saturday Oct 13th
9:00am – 2:00pm
Grandview Dog Park

We will be fencing the ‘spa/pond’ area in the SE corner of park, including access for dogs who want to swim, but also offering safety so dogs can’t get out of park boundary (or get too muddy if you just gave a bath!)

This is a BIG project and we will need many volunteers! Please come help us add this metal fencing while the ground is still soft but the water isn’t too high!

We are in need of the following items for the fencing work party, if you can donate or bring for use:

  • Hammers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Mallets
  • Metal post drivers
  • Zip ties
  • Metal fence posts
  • 6′ wire fencing


City Mowing Day
Wed October 17th
Grandview Dog Park

Parks Dept Workers from SeaTac, Auburn, Burien, Des Moines, Kent, Renton and Tukwila will be mowing fields, cutting brush and pressure washing the south entrance walkway and the picnic shelter.

Please plan your off-leash visit accordingly during this time. If you see them please take a moment to thank them for helping keep Grandview wonderful!


Fall Photo Day
Sunday Oct 21st
Grandview Dog Park

Come have your pup’s photo take with Fall and Halloween decor!
$5 donation. Photos will be emailed after the event.

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GiveBIG May 9th!


GiveBIG! Mark your calendars for Wed May 9th to help raise money for Grandview projects! What is GiveBIG Seattle?GiveBIG Seattle is a one-day online giving campaign to raise funds for non-profits serving Greater Seattle.

When is GiveBIG Seattle?GiveBIG 2018 is Wednesday, May 9 from midnight to midnight Pacific Time.

Early Giving Starts on Thursday, April 26

Donors will have the ability to schedule an online donation starting on April 26, but the donation will not be processed until May 9. Donors will receive a receipt confirming once the gift has successfully processed.

If your employer is on the drop down list,
donations are tripled!! Donations to DOGS will go toward fencing the east boundary with 6′ chainlink to replace the rotting wooden fence. This would include a double gate entry for dog safety!

Donate to DOGS GiveBig!
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